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Was very disappointed when over the course of a year and through upper management - my company was never compensated for 3-color tshirt transfers that did not hold on the shirts. I think the color combination of red/black/white just doesn't work for them.

My company had to eat the cost of 75 thick hooded sweatshirts when the transfers on the garments flaked off. This company did send new transfers which did off-set the financial pain somewhat - but I lost $700 in garments with no fault on my part. Would have been nice for a credit from TXPRESS for that substantial loss.

Lost my customer too. They have stopped ordering from us.

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Mentor, Ohio, United States #927271

Something we’ve always been very proud of at Transfer Express is our high quality standards. Our products are lab tested by our in house Chemist, and our Quality Department is constantly striving to fill in the gaps that allow sub-par products to slip through.

We acknowledge that we are in an industry with many choices and providing you with a quality product makes you successful. Your success then drives us forward.

I'd like to invite the original poster and/or any of the reply posters to contact me to discuss their situations further. Something we firmly believe in at Transfer Express is "Always do the right thing".

And I would be thankful to have a chance to do this for you.

Please email me at or contact me via phone at 440-918-1900 and ask for Andy Curtiss. Thank you for the chance to make this right for you.

Easton, Pennsylvania, United States #724099

yep, i have been ripped off by them so many times this year, but i adont have time to learn a new company website, so i continue to use them until i have my own DTG machine. very disappointing, they do not make up for their mistakes.


DITTO - they just did the same for me thank goodness it was a lot smaller order and financail strick to a small business.

Tried the Faux Rhinestone Volleyball. We applied all the other parts to the shirt Girls name on back, reflective volleyballs (From applied 12 of 13 shirts all of them liffted in random areas.

They would not refund for the damaged shirts nor other componets. They offered 50% on the Faux (bad) transfer and that was it.



F&M Expression instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Stalhs (yes they are connected to Transfer express but they are not also). Very good service at Stalhs.

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